About Pam

Pam Kraemer has been a graphic designer for more than 25 years! She has worked with companies of all sizes and has experience creating marketing materials, package design, and web graphics.

After she graduated from Bowling Green State University, Pam began working with Powers Agency creating marketing materials for clients. She then became a Senior Graphic Designer with Great American Life Insurance Company, creating materials to support the marketing and sales team.

At Luxottica Retail, Pam not only designed, but was also responsible for ensuring brand consistency across all of the company’s departments as an Art Director. She followed that by taking the job of Creative Director for Direct Marketing Results, a company that provides marketing solutions to the broadcast industry.

Her breath of experience was further widened when she joined United Pet Group as the Creative Team Lead. Her role involved directing a team of six designers that worked on over 20 brands and 1200 different products.

In 2015, Pam founded Pam Kraemer Designs, LLC. Today she collaborates with companies of all sizes and industries providing designs for ads, flyers, folders, brochures, logos, direct mail, packaging, signage, posters, displays, and digital banners and ads.

If you need an experienced graphic designer you can trust, call Pam Kraemer today at 513-254-4631.